Portfolio Entry #4

In this project it was a group project that only 3 of the 4 kids did work. One of partners did 1 slide out of 10 and another did 2 slides out of 10 and I had to do 7 out of 10 slides. Yet the project was difficult because we could only put little notes on it and had to memorize the rest of the information to share with the class.


Portfolio entry #3

In this project I was writing as Jesus and Pontius Pilate when Jesus was alive. Everyone in my history class was assigned to do one but some kids went into more detail and did more work on it. I’m one of the kids that did a lot of detail because i needed a good grade on it to boost my grade up to over an 80. Igot a really good grade on it and i was really happy of how I did it.


Assignment #8 Google Forms

This assignment I made a survey in Google forms. I have 7 questions. They vary for the type of question such as multiple choice, open response, check boxes, and short answer. I based my survey off of Harry Potter. My first question is to do with regular school but you can think of it as if it is based off of Harry Potter. I based it off of Harry Potter because harry Potter is my favorite series of books. We made a survey to see how to use them and what we could do with it.

Dream Room

We had a project that we had to make a dream room. We started out with $5,000. I made mine into a gaming room. The main amount of the money we had to spend went to the main things you need for a good gaming system. Such as keyboards, mice,computer,headset, and a few monitors. I got a few other necessities like a couch/bed, mini fridge, and a lamp. I liked this project because it was an easy way of making a room that you want and other people can see the type of thing you would want.



Portfolio Entry 2- Spanish El Salvador

This is a project that I did in Spanish to represent a country I was assigned to do. I had El Salvador. It was a good project. I had to show the capital and multiple different facts about the country.  I had to work with Chanel. It was a project that consisted of a lot of team work.   https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1bILoNk9Gs7tEzE_8Yuhr3X1yyYWOuls8g__YxAHh-zQ/edit#slide=id.g171fdc064f_0_45

Portfolio entry 1- Spanish My Vacation Plans

This year in Spanish we made vacation plans “Mis Planes De Viaje” is the name of the project that we made. We did his projects about traveling to a lot of Spanish speaking countries such as: Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico  and Nicaragua. This project was to show our knowledge on these countries from the presentations people amde and showed. I used the internet to get some extra information that  I didn’t have.


Assignment #4 Cell Phone Use In School

Reasons Why Cell Phones Should and Shouldn’t be Allowed in School


There are many reasons why phones aren’t allowed in school but there are also some good reason to have them in school also. A reason of not having phones in school are they can distract people/class while the teacher is teaching. Yet there are good reasons for students to be allowed to have there phones in school. A reason is they can stay communicated with family.

Some Cons of having phones in school are

  • Students often forget to turn them off so they go off during class
  • It can distract even if on silent because it is a high tech way of passing notes
  • It can spread rumors fast
  • It can over flow the communication systems and make therm really difficult to use.
  • They can be used for cheating.
  • Lastly they can be used for bullying.
  • It shows them that they shouldn’t be empowered by technology the same way adults do in there every day life

Some pros of having phones in school are

  • They can be used to contact family members.
  • They can be used in case of an emergency.
  • They are easy to turn on and off when they are told.


I think they should let students use there phones in school. I think they  should but have specific times and areas so it doesn’t get overwhelming. Also I think that they would be good in school because they can be used as a persons calculators and other items for classes instead of the school having to buy calculators and other school tools that they would have on hand. If they did that it would cut down on some costs that the money could go to other in school things such as computers. Also saying that kids will do inappropriate things on it is generalizing. Some people do inappropriate things while others do not. So I do not see a reason to take a privilege like that away from everyone. If they catch people doing inappropriate things then they take the privilege away from them. Lastly having them in certain places like S.S.R would be a useful place for them to relax for a few minutes with them and in math class for math tools and things.  Yet there are times that they shouldn’t be allowed like during tests and other high graded work.



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I commented on Nina’s and Kate’s posts.




Assignment #3 Digital Footprint

This is my digital footprint presentation with Nate. The two characters we have is a business owner and a worker. The owner does something bad and the worker explains to her what a digital footprint. The reason we had it like this is showing that the people with a higher authority aren’t always better than you. They mess up just as much as the people with less authority do.. I watched Ciera’s  Andrew’s , Austin Leavitt’s and Donovan Murphy’s. I thought that Austins was the best for how it showed the information and how it went together.





Assignment #2 Safe-blogging

When blogging you need to be safe. When you are blogging there are multiple ways of being safe. One of the ways of being safe is to never give out any personal information like your full name and address. This is a really important reason so people can not stalk you. Some other thing you should follow is you should not be rude or send harassing comments to anyone else and remember any thing that is on the internet stays on the internet forever and you can not get it to go away. Here is a list of important things that you should not do while blogging.

  • Never give away personal information.
  • Do not plagiarizer.
  • Don’t write about things you don’t know .
  • Never disrespect someone else in your blog.
  • Remember what ever you post stays up here for ever.
  • Don’t put in your blog what you wouldn’t say to the principal of your school.
  • Don’t link to your personal blogs.


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